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"How To Set Up Amazon S3 In WordPress" + 6 more Top 7 reads, podcasts, discussions, and more!

Team AWS Newbie Tips
Team AWS Newbie Tips
Hey AWS Noobs! - Just quick heads up we are rebranding from The Elastic Guru (to AWS Noobs) as people were turning up to our community with their yoga mats ready. Hope you don’t mind, it allows us to focus more on our mission:
“Our goal is to get you going from zero to something and to then watch you flourish into an AWS guru”.
Remember when you were up and coming in the AWS community? How hard it was to understand the basics of a VPC, the subnets, the web connectivity, how much things cost whilst also preparing for exams? If this was you, feel free to drop into the community and share some useful content for AWS newbies and it will be shared on Twitter, in our newsletters, and generally fed and watered.
Anyway, without further delay, let’s get to the newsletter you came here for.

Our fav AWS noobs community posts to date
AWS Basics: What's in a default AWS VPC and how to recreate one.
Has anyone created an AWS well architected review for a anyone or been involved in one?
Why should I learn AWS instead of Azure or Google Cloud?
[Official] AWS SA Pro exam discussion thread
How To Set Up Amazon S3 In WordPress
Episodes from our favourite podcasts
#99: Combining Cloud and Culture Change for Company Sustainability | Bryson Koehler, CTO, Equifax
S7:E8 - Battling Russian Disinformation, Big Tech Lends a Hand to Ukraine, and IBM's Persistent Ageism Problem
Episode 20: AWS Innovation with Montoux Limited
#509: March 2022 Update Show 1
#44 AWS Security: Stephen Kuenzli and Andreas Wittig on IAM
#55 - Accelerating pilot training with data and ML
#269 – Lee Cronin: Origin of Life, Aliens, Complexity, and Consciousness
Curated AWS news that might be of interest 👀
Handling Secrets with AWS
Sanction Russia: Block traffic using CloudFront Geo Restriction
New AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam & AWS Summit registrations now open
New – Customer Carbon Footprint Tool
Curious about Automated Reasoning with Werner Vogels
Software Development at AWS - Meet Jennie, Software Engineer, GameTech
UnionBank: Vision of A Cloud-Only Transformation Strategy
AWS Cloud Quest - Cloud Practitioner
My Mental Model of AWS Regions
New Cloud Native Developer Bootcamp Provides a Clear Path to Cloud Native Careers
AWS Week in Review
That’s it! Enjoy
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Team AWS Newbie Tips
Team AWS Newbie Tips @awsnewbietips

We're an AWS newbies community. Our goal is to get you going from zero to something and then watch you flourish into an AWS guru 🦄

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